On loud, politically incorrect grandmothers

I may have mentioned before that my 92-year-old grandmother, Mia, says whatever is on her mind, PC or not. She is also slightly hard of hearing, and she sometimes says things more loudly than I believe she intends to. All that was said to set the scene for yesterday’s conversation with her, while we waited for the light rail to pick us up (this was her first trip on the light rail.) It was in the middle of the afternoon and there were people all around us.

Mia (loudly): I’m glad there’s a lot of ridership on the light rail, but why are all these people out here in the middle of the day? You just have to wonder if they have jobs!

Me: Shh!

Mia (loudly): And I just wonder what McCrory’s going to do about this gang problem. Do you see that guy’s sweatshirt? (As she points, yes, points, at a guy wearing a sweatshirt with a grafitti print on it.)

Me: Stop pointing!

Mia (loudly): You’re right, I might get shot!

Me: Shh!


Reminds me of a similar story my sister Jenny told me about taking Mia to the doctor’s office. As they sat in the waiting room, Mia leaned over and loudly said to Jenny: “Have you ever seen so many fat people in your life?”

*Disclaimer: The views of a 92-year-old grandmother are not the views of this blogger. This post is intended for humor only – imagine being the one next to her as she says these things!

*Disclaimer 2: She has said much, much worse. I just don’t think it’s publishable …