Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Let me start with two facts:

1) I live in the Bible Belt.
2) My former job (as an editor) dictated that I take special care not to offend anyone.

Taking number 2 into account, I have been surprised to hear the majority of store clerks using “Merry Christmas” as a greeting as I’ve been out and about this season.

Could this be because if number 1? I know there has in recent years been some backlash against “Happy Holidays.” Is that now politically incorrect?

I’m curious if you guys in other parts of the country are hearing as much “Merry Christmas” as I am. And around here, I’m not alone in that I’m hearing it the majority of the time, am I? In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard “Happy Holidays” even once.

Personally, for the record, I’m not offended by either phrase.

All that said, Merry Christmas eve and Happy Holidays to everyone!