What song lyrics have you misunderstood?

Song lyrics I have misunderstood:

“Woke up this morning / got a boom-boom in your eye”

What Alabama 3 actually sings:  “Woke up this morning / Got a blue moon in your eyes”

“Hold me closer, Tony Danza”

What Elton John actually sings: “Hold me closer, tiny dancer”

[apparently I am nowhere near the first person to have thought this. Phoebe on “Friends” thought it, and a quick search sees Web sites and even a book revolving around this misunderstood lyric]

“It was more than all your lousy love”

What Celine Dion actually sings: “It was more than any laws allow”

“The cleverest, ooh, the saucy, saucy”

What Fergie actually sings: “The glamorous, saucy, saucy”

(This wasn’t my misunderstood lyric; Chris and I were walking by a bar the other night and he started singing “The cleverest …”)

That’s all I’ve got for now (I’m sure there are many lyrics I don’t even know I’m misunderstanding), but there is an entire site dedicated to misunderstood lyrics, if you want more …

What lyrics have you misunderstood?

[Update: I remembered another misunderstood lyric I had:

“I don’t want to be married in a pet cemetery”

What The Ramones actually sing: “I don’t want to be buried in a pet cemetery”]