Oh, did you actually want me to listen to what you were saying?

Character traits I love:

– Genuine interest and care for my well being. This includes bringing me into a conversation, asking me how my client meeting went or if my rough day got any better.
– Hugs and other forms of affection (yes, I will accept the back rub you offer me.)
– Little things you do to show that you notice I am paying attention to you. Thanking me for sending you that music I think you might like or for bringing you that item I don’t need any more but it’s perfect for you.
– Little things to show me that you are paying attention to me (sending me coffee because you think I might like to try it or giving me dark chocolate because you know it’s my favorite, sending an email to say you’re thinking about me or posting a blog comment with feedback – even negative feedback – just so I know you’re reading.

Character traits I despise:

– People who don’t keep their word. Why would you say something/promise something/claim to feel something if you don’t mean it?
– Poor listeners. No, I am not talking to hear myself talk. I appreciate conversation.
– People who interrupt. I understand at some points it’s necessary to keep the conversation going in the right direction or to correct or clarify what I am saying, and at those times I don’t mind it (I have been told I do it myself), but people who interrupt in general, especially when they are changing the topic and not contributing to the present conversation, are rude and it tells me they’re not listening (see above).
– People who assume things. If you’d get your head out of your own ass for one second, you would see that your brain is likely the one that needs fixing, not mine.