#nanowrimo: The sex scene you asked for

Of course I can’t give you the entire scene! And I almost didn’t even give you this, lest it give away part of the plot. So it’s short and it’s merely the foreplay, but foreplay is better than nothing, right?


Austin adjusted the thermostat and then grabbed two cheap beers from the fridge. He sat beside her, set their drinks on a trunk that doubled as a coffee table, and wrapped a throw blanket around her shoulders. “There, how’s that?” he smiled, started to turn for the beers, and then looked back at her.

Their eyes met and she smiled back. “My God,” Austin said. “You are beautiful.”

In that moment, her resolve weakened and all notions of doing the right thing were off the table. For once, she was thinking about herself, and only herself.

She leaned in, not breaking Austin’s gaze, not nervous and very deliberate. She stopped shy of making contact, allowing him to take their sin the rest of the way. He started it, she thought as their lips met.