Am I needy? I need you to tell me.

I actually like to think of myself as a pretty independent person. I can go shopping by myself (prefer it, most times) and I have a decent idea of what looks good on me or not. When I make my mind up to change my hairstyle, I change it (sure, I’ll ask what you think I should do, but honestly, I already know what I’m going to do). Give me a laptop or pen and paper and I’m self-entertaining. Not needy at all!

Except … when I’m upset I start seeking justification. When someone calls me too sensitive, it upsets me. I realize this is proof that I am too sensitive and thus, it upsets me more. So I take a poll: Am I too sensitive? When I see my place in someone’s life being threatened, I have been told I can be clingy and that I do things to elicit a response (although honestly: If you send an email to someone, don’t you expect a response? Isn’t that what two-way communication is about? Sometimes people project their own sensitivities onto me … which makes me more sensitive …) When I paint or write or design, I have to get opinions. And not just yes you like it, or no you don’t, but tell me why you like it and what you like about it and – ooh, what was your favorite part?

Apparently, I am not alone. Neediness and writers go hand-in-hand, according to this blog post. I’m not alone! Not that I needed anyone to validate my feelings or anything …