A potluck Thanksgiving

For the first time ever, there were no family gatherings to attend to this Thanksgiving. Seems all of our family members were with in-laws or unable to get to this part of the country except for Colleen, who has to work tomorrow so she couldn’t travel to where the rest of her family was. The 3 of us decided to do something together – anything! – so long as we were together. So when Carissa and Jim mentioned eating a Thanksgiving meal together, we were all thrilled.

Add a few friends who are eating with family and coming by later for leftovers and drinks, and we have ourselves a crowd. Cheers!

I feel like this is shaping up to be a very “Friends” (as in Rachel, Ross, Monica, etc.) Thanksgiving. Where family and friends are one and the same. It all feels so very adult.

Of course, I miss my family and this makes me look forward to time with this at Christmas even more. And this makes me so very thankful that Jeff is a cook – I get to sit on my tail most of the day! Although I did make Mom’s chocolate eclair cake – of course I needed to have a piece of her with me this holiday.

And of course all of our other family members are here with us as well – in our thoughts and hearts. Awwww. Before this gets too cheesy, I think I’m going to go make myself a mojito. Happy Turkey Day (or Tofu Turkey day, Jenn)!