Just thought of a nanowrimo plot!

Most of you may know I’m participating in National Novel Writer’s Month for the first time, which basically means you won’t be seeing much of me in November as I embark on my first literary journey.

I have been sorta kinda in the back of my mind trying to think of a plot. Today, it hit me. There is a plot already in my lap. It will be based loosely on a true story – one that I had a front-row seat for at the time.

Many of you will know who I’m talking about, but I will try to be as discreet as possible.

The basic premise will be this: Girl meets boy, falls in love. Fairy tale ending in sight. Until – a month or two before the wedding, new boy comes into picture. Knocks girl off her feet. Now what to do? With the “finish line” being the vows – now looming like a prison sentence instead of being all of her dreams come true, she must choose. …

I know it’s probably been written before – and it’s a fairly simple plot. However, romance drama has always been my favorite thing to write about and seeing as how this is my first novel ever (just saying that makes my heart flutter!) I will stick to what I know.

More later! Can’t give away too many spoilers!