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Amy tagged me for this …

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1. I’ve never been tagged before, until now. Not on MySpace or anything. I’ve always been kinda sad to see others tagged. So thanks, Amy!

2. I love to write poetry, but lately I can only do it when given an assignment (usually by Chris or even to Chris by me). The assignment can be as simple as one word, such as “streetlights” but without that little bit of direction, I hit a wall.

3. I am scared of urinals.

4. I was told by a doctor once I am allergic to cigarette smoke. I think that was his way of scaring me into not smoking (he need not worry; never was interested in even trying it)

5. I love to listen to public radio, specifically This American Life.

6. Before I was a graphic designer/editor/writer, I was a receptionist at a car dealership (in high school and college). After college got cold feet and almost considered staying where I was and not even trying to use my degree.

7. I have a pet turtle, a tattoo of a turtle, and my sorority mascot was a turtle.

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1. Chris

2. Claire

3. Catherine

4. Heather

5. Whitney

6. Jenny

7. Shaun

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