I was Privileged …

Designing a blog header

The great thing about working with my friend Chris is that we are on the same wavelength and have the same goals when it comes to design: Simple, readable, modern. I should state we don’t officially work together. We have separate companies and live in separate cities. But we talk via Instant Messaging most days during the work day, share our projects, and give each other feedback. He’s the closest thing to a design coworker that I’ve got. (An interesting change from my 7 years working in a busy newsroom, where there was always someone to gossip with, drink coffee with, collaborate with …)

This week Amy asked me to design a header for her great new Privileged blog. Chris helped me polish it every step of the way. I always find it interesting to see the various steps a design can take as it is being conceived, sketched out, and defined. Wanted to show you here:

First, Amy directed me to a site that has cast photos. We selected these:

Then, the photos needed to be arranged to give the cast a “together” appearance:

Amy’s favorite colors are lime green and dark brown, and that’s a feminine, modern color palette for a show that is stylish and funky. We decided to get rid of the hodgepodge of colors above and we created this:


Then we added some words and graphics and the design began to take shape:

After that we cleaned up the white areas around the photos and the colors, and finalized the arrangement of the cast. The design is complete!

Once that design was finished, we wanted to give her another design with less frills, just in case she wanted a cleaner look:


During the the design of the first one, just because the idea popped up, we created an option that would make the header appear to have a classified, edgy look (it’s a privilege to read about Privileged). This gives her some different color options as well, and we selected different photos to give her a variety. We added some swirls to give a feminine touch and a page corner to invite the reader in.

Amy said she loved them all and couldn’t decide. The “classified” one was completed first, so she put that one up, but we’ll have to stay tuned to see if she keeps it or decides on one of the others. You can check it out here. Meantime, I need to watch the show to see what it’s all about … looking at the cast all day, as well as watching previews of the show to get me in the right mindset for this project, has made me curious!