Seeing yourself in dreams

I saw myself in a dream last night. Susan had moved in with us for a bit and was staying in one of our guest rooms, which of course looks nothing like the guest rooms in our home. This one had cobalt walls and white wainscoting and black furniture. Most importantly, it had a full-length mirror (our house currently doesn’t have one: don’t ask.) I was so excited she had moved in and brought her full-length mirror, and I went to check out my outfit before a night on the town.

That’s when I saw myself. In the mirror.

I don’t typically see myself in dreams, as I normally dream seeing things through my eyes, as I do in life. I don’t recall it being odd to have seen myself in the mirror – it wasn’t a particularly clear image of myself either; more of a blur as I don’t think I really focused on myself … I believe I was paying more attention to Susan actually.

I’ll let her analyze this one if she wants (she has always been great at telling me what my dreams mean) but the reason I bring this up is I spoke to Chris this morning about my dream and he mentioned how odd dreams are, seeing as how he sees himself from the third person.

Interesting – I told him, I see myself from the first person. This dream specifically made me realize this, as I recall seeing myself in a mirror and thinking it unusual. Chris said he always sees the back of his head in his dreams, as if he is watching himself.

He did some digging and found some research backing up that people see themselves in dreams both in first and third person, and he wrote about it earlier today.

How do you dream? First person, third person, or another way? And on that note, how often? I remember mine almost nightly; Chris remembers his rarely. How frequently do you remember yours?