Poetry assignments

I have a minor in Creative Writing from Winthrop University. Between that and my mass communication (print journalism) degree, when I was in college, I was constantly writing. After college, I got a job as an editor/designer, and I stopped writing. For a long time.

I longed to get it back, and eventually I started writing stories for the magazine in which I was editor/creative director. I missed the poetry though. It was so easy in college. The professor would say, “Write about … rocks (or birds or moments or plastic or whatever)” and we would. And sometimes the poems sucked, and sometimes they were awesome.

Susan and I decided this summer to start giving each other poetry assignments. Susan has taught creative writing, and she’s right-brained like me, so this became one of our endeavors (along with painting; Amanda, we still need you to come help us out there!) Then I told Chris what we were doing, and he, a fellow poet, thought it was a great idea.So he and I trade assignments as well.

So, some of the poems I have posted are as a result of the poetry assignments Susan or Chris and I have given ourselves, such as:

40 Watts
Golden French Fries
Nose rings

There will be many more assignments to come … Currently I am working on:


Yikes, now that I mention them it means I have to finish them! Stay tuned …