I am addicted to coffee.

A photo I took showcasing my addiction. This one is framed on my dining room wall. Not only do I drink coffee, but I like to look at it, too.

A photo I took showcasing my addiction. This one is framed on my dining room wall. Not only do I drink coffee, but I like to look at it, too.

It started my sophomore year of high school. My parents are coffee drinkers, and they always had a fresh pot around. I never paid much attention to it, as coffee was for “grown ups.”

Then one morning, after a late-night phone conversation with Kyle, I was bemoaning to him between classes that I was tired and it was all his fault for keeping me up late. He opened up his locker, reached in and grabbed what would change my taste buds forever: A huge pink travel mug. With hot coffee. “Here ya go,” he said with a smile and a wink as he walked off to class. (Kyle, want to explain why it was pink? Never did figure that one out!)

I kept that travel mug for years after that. It was better suited for me anyway, being pink and all.

I don’t recall loving my first cup of coffee. In fact, I probably thought it was pretty bad. If I recall correctly, Kyle drank his black, so I was testing the water with both feet. But I wanted to know more …

So I tried it with cream and sugar, as I thought all rookies must. After a few rounds of that (it was waaay too sweet), I decided to try it with just cream, as my mom takes it (milk, actually.) Then I went back to black, drinking it the same way my dad does, wanting to be hard-core like he is with the drink …

I didn’t drink an exorbitant amount in college, just a normal, occasional cup. Then after college Lindsey stayed with me for just a few short weeks, but she made a pot every morning. It was there I went from occasional drinker to everyday addict.

I needed more, and I needed better.

Jeff moved to Charlotte and brought with him his coffee knowledge. Folgers and Maxwell House didn’t cut it anymore. Had to be Millstone or Green Mountain.

Traded my Mr. Coffee for a vacuum-sealed Capresso with an extra carafe. Brought the old Mr. Coffee to work so I could have good coffee instead of the motor oil served in the canteen. Coworkers and I experimented with different flavors, different brands, and Susan even brought some $40/pound Blue Mountain in one day. Heaven on Earth …

Tried whole bean (like it, but I’ll admit I’m lazy most days). Traded blade grinder for burr. Tried flavored (love flavored, unless it’s sweet. My favorite is Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice, which I am drinking as I’m writing this …)

My one saving grace where addiction is concerned is I like it weak. I know I make it too weak, but I keep it this way because I drink so darn much of it that I figure at least I’m getting a higher water::coffee ratio. House guests laugh at me, so I try to remember to add another scoop or two when others are around …

I have met my match with Chris, who used to be a barista and can tell me that just because I don’t like strong coffee doesn’t mean I won’t like a medium or bold roast. He can taste the difference between Sumatra and Kenyan and can tell me how many cherries Kona and Peaberry coffees have. I’m not even quite sure I know what a cherry is …

If Ronnie hadn’t moved to California he’d probably have me hooked on espresso. The ultimate for caffeine addicts … Never quite bought into that one, though. For me, it’s about the experience. About holding a warm cup in my hands and feeling cozy and creative …

I am upping the ante, getting my fix, and loving every minute of it …

Anyone want to meet up for a cup of coffee? Anyone?

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Now, you forgot to say what you got as your 4th wedding anniversary (Flowers and Fruit) gift. It really is the perfect gift for you! Or, is it that you do not want to share…

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh it really is the perfect gift! Jeff got me the Fair Trade Organic Coffee Tour from Green Mountain … a new bag of beans in my mailbox every month!


    And no, I’m not sharing … nothing to see here …

  3. Chris says:

    Mmm coffee…

    I rarely drink South American coffees… I just don’t like that much. They taste plain, average, bland. I don’t get excited about a cup of Colombian or Guatemalan like I do an Ethiopian Harrar or Sumatra Mandheling.

    Mmm I’ll get coffee with you any day! If only I lived closer!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Chris, what about the coffee right next door to you?

  5. Chris says:

    They are good. They’ve got a nice mix of beans and their own custom blends. When you guys come down, you’ll have to take some beans back with you.

  6. Amy says:

    Ok, I have no clue about half of what you said..I just know it as coffee. I do know a bad cup when I have it and do know Starbuck’s when I taste it. Melissa, I really think you are the one that got me into it! Was it you that I got cappuccino’s from the gas station with? I believe that was the start of it for me. As for now, I don’t have to have it every day but I have it at least several times a week. I prefer the white mocha from Starbuck’s and have lots of sugar and cream when I have it at home. I’m a sissy coffee drinker I guess. Never understood how you drink it black 😉

  7. Chris says:

    You know what they say, “once you go black…”

    There’s no “right” way to drink it Amy. If you like candy coffee, hey, I won’t judge 😉

  8. Melissa says:

    Gas station cappuccinos, yes we did! You can blame me for your coffee start!

  9. Amy says:

    I thought so! I haven’t been drinking coffee since I’ve been doing this Isagenix thing…sure makes me want a cup of coffee now though!

  10. Amy says:

    btw, chris, love that name candy coffee..hadn’t heard that before.

  11. Jeffrey says:

    “Candy, candy , candy I can’t let you go
    All my life you’re haunting me
    I loved you so
    Candy, candy , candy I can’t let you go
    Life is crazy
    Candy baby”

    -Iggy Pop

    For the record, I like my coffee unsweet, just like me.

  12. Crystal says:

    ok So this was a year and 1/2 ago, but today it is gray and rainy and coffee on the couch would be wonderful right now! I started drinking coffee long ago, as my parents also drink it everyday. I would only drink my mom’s from home. Maxwell house. That’s it only hers. For a well she would mix it for me with sugar and milk. Then I started making it myself, still only at her house. While in college, and once I got married, it was chocolate milk, unless I was at mom’s. Still is really, I go exercise with her in the mornings and drink her coffee. Once I started dieting I cut back from 6 spoonfulls of sugar to 4 and lots of milk. Just recently I’ve gotten to where I can drink coffee when I’m out of town. I heart coffee! you’re right Melissa, it’s just that cozy feeling.

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