Chris’ apartment photos

Ready to see progress so far? OK, here goes:

Chris’ TV storage before:


Chris’ TV storage after:


Chris’ bookshelf before (living room view):


Chris’ bookshelf after (living room view):


Chris’ bookshelf before (bedroom view):


Chris’ bookshelf after (bedroom view):


Bedroom showing new window coverings (before were just blinds):


And you saw these yesterday, but just in case:

Chris’ bedroom before:


Chris’ bedroom after:


Experimenting with cushions and pillows on the couch …

Cushions to the side:


Cushions to the back:


Need your opinion: Do you like the pillows in the bedroom or on the couch? The plan is to get more decorative pillows, but we haven’t fully decided where these work best. I’m thinking bedroom, but I want opinions … Also, do you like the cushions to the back of the couch or to the side?

JC the cat seems to like the new motif:

Also, we had an issue with one of the items, which I will blog about later. Can you see what it is?

Next up for the apartment will be:

*Finding some decor for the TV stand areas with our color palette in them (orange and green). The black and white piece is a placeholder.
* Continuing to add to the bookshelf to create a true “room divider” feel without letting it get messy
* A new desk and desk organization supplies
* Closet organization
* An end table for the living room (we are using one of the bookshelves as the end table currently; where the lamp and coasters are. The steele tub holds all the remotes.)
* A new comforter

These will be over the next several months. I’ve spent enough of Chris’ money for one week! Stay tuned …